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The main objective of URBAG is to evaluate which combinations of urban/peri-urban agriculture and green spaces result in the best performance in terms of these local and global environmental impacts. To do so, the following research questions and objectives are defined:

Partial Research Question Research Objectives
RQ1. What is the potential of urban food production in terms of the resources available in cities? RO1. To assess the potential of optimizing urban/peri urban agri-culture and vegetation in terms of nutrient, water, and energy, con-sidering urban morphology and weather as well as life cycle impacts.
RQ2. What combinations of green infrastructures result in best performance in terms of air quality, temperature, and the carbon footprint of the city? RO2. To analyze the direct and indirect effects of vegetation and urban agriculture on the urban and regional atmosphere.
RQ3. How can the growth in urban food production and green spaces be managed to enhance urban sustainability and avoid unintended consequences? RO3. To provide urban planners and policy makers with the guidance and tools to create green infrastructure strategies to help meet sustainability targets, avoid unintended environmental conse-quences, and promote wider and diffused social benefits.