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Angelica Mendoza finishes her MSCA scholarship PROTEAN

28 October 2022


Angelica Mendoza finishes her MSCA scholarship PROspecTive Environmental AssessmeNt of Urban Agriculture-Emerging Systems (PROTEAN), which she carried out within the project URBAG. The aim was to develop prospective life cycle databases to calculate future life cycle impacts of food production to enable the comparison of food production via conventional agriculture and via urban agriculture, all in a future context.

In this line, Angelica Mendoza has recently published her article entitled “Mapping direct N2O emissions from peri-urban agriculture: The case of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona“, in which the future impacts of urban food production have been estimated with prospective LCA.

The European Comission’s CORDIS has published the results as a strategy on the dissemination and exploitation of research results. In this section, Angelica Mendoza explains the main objectives of the project and the results obtained.

According to Angelica Mendoza, “not only was the temporal dimension important, but the spatial dimension was also particularly important for the case of peri-urban agriculture”. The geographical study is necessary for understanding urban resilience, global sustainability and multifunctionality of urban agriculture as a nature-based solution.



-Host: The Institute of Environmental Science and Technology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (ICTA-UAB).

-Scenarios and informal colaboration: The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) and their IMAGE 3.0 IAM scenarios.


For more information, visit PROTEAN webpage.


Angelica Mendoza