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URBAG presentation at the CONEXUS Conference

6 June 2024

Svetlana Khromova presented the first step of an integrated approach to informed Nature Based Solutions (NBS) at the CONEXUS Conference. The CONEXUS conference took place in Barcelona from May 15th  to 17th, which aims to share the knowledge about nature-based urban solutions as a tool for urban planners.

URBAG presenta els seus resultats a Prismàtic i Catalunya Radio

3 June 2024

El passat dijous 23 de maig en Sergi Ventura va participar al Cafè Prismàtic coordinat pel CREAF. Prismàtic organitza seminaris virtuals mensuals que tenen com a objectiu transferir coneixement científic sobre gestió i planificació del patrimoni natural i la biodiversitat. Catalunya Ràdio també en va fer ressò.

URBAG presentation at the 14th International Conference on Air Quality

28 May 2024

Alba Badia showed a poster on “Modelling the effects of land use changes on the urban air quality: urbanization, urban vegetation, and agriculture” in which she discussed the air quality changes between the reference scenario and the scenarios that have been designed by the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB)’s office of urban planning.

New publication in “Waste Management”

22 May 2024

Title: Closing the nutrient cycle in urban areas: The use of municipal solid waste in peri-urban and urban agriculture/ This research aims to determine the potential of organic municipal solid waste compost to supply the nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium demand of urban agriculture and the environmental benefits of replacing mineral fertilizer from a life cycle perspective.

New publication in “Journal of Computational Science”

6 May 2024

Title: Modeling air quality at urban scale in the city of Barcelona: A matter of green resolution/ This paper presents the behavior of the most common pollutants and how they are dispersed as a result of different meteorological conditions in the city of Barcelona, as well as the impact of green infrastructures on urban morphology.

URBAG participation at EGU24

2 May 2024

Two URBAG presentations were shared at the conference by Ricard Segura-Barrero and Sergi Ventura. Both presentations followed the platform for Early Career Scientists (ECS). The first one was presented by Ricard Segura in the session "Urban climate, urban biometeorology, and science tools for cities". The second, presented by Sergi Ventura, was held in the session "Regional to local climate change, processes, impacts, and extremes".

New preprint: “The food-water-climate nexus of green infrastructure: Examining ecosystem services trade-offs of peri-urban agriculture”

23 April 2024

Title: The Food-Water-Climate Nexus of Green Infrastructure: Examining Ecosystem Services Trade-Offs of Peri-Urban Agriculture / This paper explores the impacts on the food-water-climate nexus of different scenarios of peri-urban agricultural expansion in a semi-arid, Mediterranean climate, addressing local food provision, freshwater use, local temperature regulation, global climate change mitigation, and the trade-offs thereof.

Workshop: Green roofs in Oslo by 2030

28 March 2024

Green roofs in Oslo by 2030: Stakeholder workshop for co-creating a common understanding of green roofs’ impacts and relevance for the city / An online participatory workshop was conducted involving various stakeholders from the public, academic, and private sectors. URBAG has undertaken the challenge of creating new green spaces within urban environments by evaluating how green roofs can impact local and global vulnerabilities.

New publication in the “International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation”

4 March 2024

Title: Assimilating Sentinel-2 data in a modified vegetation photosynthesis and respiration model (VPRM) to improve the simulation of croplands CO2 fluxes in Europe / This paper presents an assimilation of high-resolution Sentinel-2 indices with eddy covariance measurements at selected European cropland flux sites in a new modified version of Vegetation Photosynthesis Respiration Model (VPRM).

New publication in “Sustainable Cities and Society”

21 February 2024

Title: Assessing Nature-based solutions in the face of urban vulnerabilities: A multi-criteria decision approach / Nature-based solutions (NBS) are increasingly employed to address urban challenges. Typically, NBS planning emphasizes environmental impacts and ecosystem services, often overlooking their role in addressing vulnerabilities.

La economía Circular: ¿un mito o una posibilidad?

23 January 2024

Se ha lanzado un nuevo curso sobre economía circular en español en Coursera. Este curso, gestionado por miembros de Sostenipra, incluyendo a Gara Villalba, está ahora disponible. El curso "La economía Circular: ¿un mito o una posibilidad?" consta de seis módulos y cinco cuestionarios. Fruto del acuerdo entre la UAB y Coursera, todo el personal de la UAB (alumnos, PDI y PAS) pueden cursar de forma gratuita todos los cursos y programas producidos por la UAB