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Badia del Vallès consumption patterns

14 September 2020

See full publication: https://ddd.uab.cat/record/226152

Knowing the consumption patterns of the residents related to the occupation of the buildings and the family structure to which they belong. This study is part of central research of the Autonomous University of Barcelona with the collaboration of the city council of Badia del Vallès, which studies the urban metabolism of the municipality, being the typical housing estate built in the 70s, and the potential scenarios to use the roofs of buildings to implement agriculture, solar panels or rainwater harvesting in these buildings, to benefit to the municipality environmentally, socially and economically in its urban regeneration. There is the first part of general data: sex, age, employment status, income, type of family unit and number of people in the family unit, and what type of housing they live. The second part is about the consumption patterns, including the expenses in basic needs, water, energy and the shopping basket, and a third part focused on the weekly consumption of different types of vegetables. We want to publish this open-access data so that it can be used by public bodies, the general public or researchers interested in consumption patterns.

Badia del Vallès