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Gara Villalba gives a talk on the GHG monitoring network

5 December 2022

Gara Villalba gave a short talk on the GHG monitoring network that she and her team are setting up in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB). This presentation was part of the ICOS ERIC 17th General Assembly Info Day, which took place in Madrid the days 22nd and 23rd of November 2022 in a session hosted by the Minisitry of Science of Spain Maria Vallejo.

Gara Villalba shared the GHG monitoring network that is being installed by the URBAG group in the AMB. This network consists in 5 Picarro G2301 located in a strategic places (agricultural, coast, urban Parks and urban areas), which measure C02, CH4 and H2Ov. This network is open here.

In this presentation, it was also presented the CO2 measurement campaign which took place from May to October 2020. We sampled with two infrared analyzers (Licor 7000) calibrated with NOAA standards. Results are presented in the article submitted to ACP in October 2022 and will be public here.


Figure presented by Gara Villalba