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PhD in Environmental Sciences and Management. Researcher at ICTA-UAB. Marie Curie International Fellow at Yale University 2015-2018. Her research focusses on the sustainability assessment of policy strategies and technological innovations from an Industrial/Social Ecology/Complexity Theory perspective and including participation and narrative analysis methods. Previous works have assessed the water footprint, the water metabolism of socio-ecosystems and the nexus trade-offs of agricultural production and natural gas extraction with a geographical perspective in case studies like Spain, UK, Poland, the EU, India, Mauritius, South Africa, Ecuador or the US. Within URBAG, she develops the methods for the georeferenced assessment of the urban metabolism of water and energy with a nexus perspective. She also coordinates ICTAs team in the H2020 SENTNEL project, that currently develops ENVIRO, a MuSIASEM-LCA python based module for the environmental assessment of energy transition strategies. She is an Open Source advocate and an R user in transition towards Python. She lives near Barcelona with her husband and two daughters.

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