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Svetlana holds a MSc in Urban and Regional Planning and a BSc in Cartography and GIS. She has experience with environmental systems modelling and cadastral engineering. She is working as a PhD student at ICTA-UAB since 2022. She is developing her research in the context of the NICHES project. Barcelona, Boston and Rotterdam have been selected as study areas for the project. The project is implemented with the aim of identifying the social, economic and environmental impacts on aquatic ecosystems from combined sewer overflows (CSO), studying and implementing nature-based solutions (NBS) to mitigate the effects of CSO and preserve the functioning of aquatic ecosystems in urban areas. Her research focuses on identifying the vulnerability of urban communities to sewer overflows and based on this data, developing scenarios for NBS implementation and modelling the mitigation potential. The motivation behind the research is to create more environmentally just and sustainable cities.

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